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Stories of Me: Love Story

I have a love story, it is an unconventional love story but a love story nonetheless. I can’t remember exactly when this great love entered my life but since it did there has been no turning back. I am slightly ashamed to admit it but here it is, world – I am in love with Iced Coffee. My husband is totally ok with this – he after all has a similar love affair going with hot coffee (do I even need to say hot coffee or should I just say coffee). In fact, I would even go so far as to say that these little side line love affairs improve our relationship – no one after all wants to be married to “The Hulk” which, according to my children, is what I turn into if I don’t get my Iced Coffee.

In the beginning there was only ever Brownes Chill Light Iced Coffee for meiced coffee but then something happened. We went on a two month camping trip around Australia and I discovered, to my complete dismay, that not all states sell Brownes Chill Light Iced Coffee. What was I to do? Up until this point I had been completely faithful to old Browny but there was little chance I would survive eight weeks in a tent , driving for hours on end with four boys ranging in age from 3 to 11 if I did not get me some Iced Coffee. And so it happened, I became……. an Iced Coffee floosy! Looking back now I am disgusted at just how many different Iced coffees I went through, there was Pauls, Farmers Union, Masters, Dare and countless others I am too ashamed to even admit to. Alas, the day came that we returned home and my beloved Browny welcomed me with open spout (technically I use a straw but let’s not get too picky).

There have been times throughout the years when I have tried to give up my Iced Coffee with varying degrees of success. I would often go days, even weeks with no incident when suddenly something would set me off and I would be back in the arms of Browny. One such incident occurred earlier this year when we were on a camping trip with some other families. The way I tell it is that I saw my brother with an iced Coffee and being hot and tired from a rough night with Levi I simply, in a loving sisterly way, asked where it had come from – nothing sinister in that. He tells a different story, claiming that my ¬†just woken up morning voice was akin to that of a 70 year old man with emphysema when I jumped him and blurted “WHERE’D YOU GET THAT”. Being the loving brother he is he kindly offered me the second Iced Coffee he had in his esky, this has nothing to with the fact that he says he feared for his life if I wasn’t presented with an Iced Coffee stat! I made a trip into town that down for essential supplies, not just the Iced Coffee I promise, and bought enough “supplies” to see me through the week and repay my caring brother.

Something has happened recently and I have been putting off admitting to it but I guess this is as good a place as any. I have a new love, Browny will still always be my service station choice of Iced Coffee but, and it pains me to admit it, when available – I will now always choose The Coffee Club Coffee Frappe first. Sorry Browny, our time has been precious but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!IMAG1808

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