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Stories of Me: Birthday

When I read that the prompt for this week’s Stories of Me link up was “Birthday” I thought, oh yeah – pretty cruisy, that should be an easy one. However, as usual, Thursday rolled around and I still hadn’t even made a start on my post. While the prompt was anything but difficult, after all I have plenty of birthday memories I could write about, let’s just say that I hadn’t been hit with any bolts of inspiration for my post. Until, in our daily discussion about what the boys did at school this afternoon, Noah announced that he had written a recount about his favourite birthday.

Genius! Inspiration struck. You see, my Noah has never found reading and writing a breeze. I tried not to compare him to my older two boys as, being a May baby, he is younger than they were at the same stage in school but as you all know, it is so hard not to compare your children and the way they develop. My husband, who is a teacher, and my Mum, who is an Education Assistant, both continuously reassured me that there was nothing to worry about, that for some kids it just took a bit longer forĀ things to click. It’s a mum’s prerogative to worry about her kids though and worry I sure did – a lot! It was all for nothing though – they, of course, were right and with some extra help at school towards the end of last year and a little more maturing over the holidays he is really coming along in leaps and bounds. He astounds me with his reading at the moment and I thought, what better way to reward him for all his hard work than to invite him to be my first ever guest writer on the blog. I asked his permission and he gave it gladly so here it is, Noah’s recount of his favourite birthday:

The Best Birthday Ever

My fifth birthday was my best birthday because the cake was Thor’s hammer from Avengers. I picked the hammer up and I laughed and laughed and then we ate the cake it was chocolate and it was yummy. When it got late everybody went home and then we cleaned up. I played on the trampoline and we had food and it was yummy.

Thor2Picture 737

Pretending to struggle to pick the hammer up like in the movie….

Picture 738








and then accidentally breaking the handle off – totally loving my facial expression in both these photos by the way!

Picture 739

So there you have it. Noah’s best birthday, his best that is until I reminded him tonight that last year on his birthday we were on our big adventure, in the middle of the Northern Territory, camping at a real life rodeo complete with bucking bulls and rodeo clowns. He’ll just have to write me that story another day…..


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