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What to get Mum…

We don’t go all out on gifts for Mother’s day in our family. The boys get a few dollars each to spend at the Mother’s day stall at school and they also always come home with some magnificent homemade surprise organised by their teachers. Couple that with the cards they have secretly made for me [...]

Social Secretary or Social Dictator

My husband pointed out an article in the newspaper to me on the weekend that really got my blood boiling. It  was about parents telling their children who they can and cannot play with, a well known child psychologist suggests that parents,

Homework Mayhem

People have been asking me how I manage to get all my kids sitting down doing their homework each night without going completely nuts. Well, the truth is that some nights I do feel like I’m going nuts.


How often do your kids play outside – do you think it is often enough?? I attended a conference last year hosted by the organisation Nature Play WA. There were some fantastic topics discussed and we were told about some amazing initiatives being carried out by the organisation.

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Christmas Table Decorations

I’m racking my brain for ideas to decorate the Christmas dinner table this year so thought I would share with you what I did last year.

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