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Fun Family Activities

April Fools

A late night text from my favourite texting buddy Katie on Sunday sent me on a googling frenzy. You see, she said, Please tell me you are pranking your kids tomorrow!!!! and she directed me to Facebook where she had posted photos of all four of her cherubs sleeping soundly with magnificently comic moustaches drawn [...]

Cultural Feasts

My Mother-in-law is from Mexico and my Father-in-law is form Brazil. One of the things I love about this is the sharing of foods from different cultures.


How often do your kids play outside – do you think it is often enough?? I attended a conference last year hosted by the organisation Nature Play WA. There were some fantastic topics discussed and we were told about some amazing initiatives being carried out by the organisation.

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Christmas Table Decorations

I’m racking my brain for ideas to decorate the Christmas dinner table this year so thought I would share with you what I did last year.

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“Don’t look and don’t ask”

“Don’t look and don’t ask” With my boys this is a motto that I sometimes wish I hadn’t followed, other times wish I had followed and yet more times where I am glad I didn’t follow. Confused?? Ok, let me break it down for you:

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