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Life in my world

Change is in the air…

It’s been three months since I posted anything on this blog and there are changes in the air. Before the big name change on Friday I thought I would try and explain a little about why I have been absent. I have had to reassess my blogging goals. I started this blog over a year [...]

Send more Grey’s STAT

You know how you dream of having whole days in bed, with nothing to do and no one to disturb you? How when you hear of women being put on bed rest for their pregnancy you actually feel kind of jealous? No? Is it just me??? Well, I have just had 2 days of bed [...]

Playing in the rain

It’s footy season, not only does this mean I have become an AFL Widow but it also means that my Saturdays have been over run and for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday I must amuse the two younger boys (Auskick don’t train) while the two eldest boys have their training sessions.

Best Chocolate Milk Ever – Apparently!

My friends’ son came home with me for a little while after school yesterday and, as is usually the case when I have other people’s children, I decided to pretend I am one of those awesome mums that does fun things for her kids all the time. Enter the chocolate milk with homemade chocolate syrup [...]

The Shower Cap Conundrum

Sometimes I cry for no reason, like seriously – no reason whatsoever. Well, no good reason anyway. I know as I am crying that it is pathetic, that the thing I happen to be crying over is completely insignificant and absolutely not worth my tears but, I cry anyway, and i just can’t stop. I [...]

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