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Stories of Me

Stories of Me: Fear

In preparation for this week’s Stories of Me post I racked my brain to try and think of exactly what it is that I fear. I fear cockroaches but is that post worthy? Probably not. Then I tried to think of something that causes me fear at this particular time in my life. What is [...]

Stories of Me: A Lesson Learned

This week’s Stories of Me prompt is “A lesson learned” and it was very timely because I learned a very valuable lesson during the week. I had plans to meet some lovely ladies for dinner. Some wonderful Perth based bloggers who were getting together for a bit of a catch up.

Stories of Me: Dream

When I saw that the next Stories of Me prompt was “Dream” my mind immediately started to recite “I have a dream…” but that was as far as I got because, well, I don’t actually know any more of that speech! After that I kind of forgot about the whole thing and didn’t really give [...]

Stories of Me: Favourite Song

This week’s Stories of Me prompt is Favourite Song. The problem is that I don’t have just one favourite song. Also, my favourite song today might be different to my favourite song tomorrow, or last year for that matter.

Stories of Me: Easter

As I sat at my computer trying to decide what to write about Easter Master 6 wandered in so I asked him, “What is Easter?” His reply: “When Jesus died on the cross and then rose from the dead. Jesus died for us.”

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